Monday, January 23, 2017

For Sale by Owner: 2 Acres: Sunnyside Lane, Asheville NC 28804

My name is Marianne Kilkenny and I own the 2 acre property available for sale off of Beaverdam Road in the North Asheville area on Sunnyside Lane.  To see more about me, click here.

Property Details (zoning, size, description, etc.):
All the property details are here together with surveys and renderings.

I bought this property with the intention of creating a pocket neighborhood.  I wish to sell this property to a builder or developer who will honor that intention.

What is a Pocket Neighborhood?

A pocket neighborhood is a type of planned community that consists of:
  • a grouping of smaller residences, 
  • often around a courtyard or common garden 
  • designed to promote a close knit sense of community 
  • segregating parking and roadways to the outside., 
  • built in close proximity to one another (high density) 
  • smaller homes are designed to maximize space 
  • porch area are large of interaction 
  • encouraging time spent outside with a focal point around a greenspace
To see this concept, visit popular pocket neighborhood developer Ross Chapin:

This property is also suitable as an intentional community development of cohousing development.